Tuesday, December 01, 2020


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Flooring Services

Commercial flooring maintenance and repairs. Tiles installation for both commercial & residential facility Ceramic tile and Stone demolition Recycling of wall and floor finishes

Selection from Eight different Colors.

Floor Heating System


This is one feature that is becoming more popular not only in luxury homes. It is the ideal solution to warm tile or stone floors with electric floor heating. Combine the beauty of tile and stone with the luxury of barefoot radiant comfort.

The sytem generates an even heat throughout your home and will not disturb dust - reducing noise levels, dry air and possible allergic reactions. It is also energy efficient, as the manufacturing company's claim is that you will reduce your energy consumption by up to 28% and adding to your comfort knowing that the system requires no maintenance. 

Floor heating systems can also be installed under carpet and hardwood which prevents harmful temperature fluctuations.