Tuesday, December 01, 2020


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Flooring Services

Commercial flooring maintenance and repairs. Tiles installation for both commercial & residential facility Ceramic tile and Stone demolition Recycling of wall and floor finishes

Selection from Eight different Colors.

Floor Leveling

Floor leveling is primarily used for smoothing out setting up the floor surface for carpet, wood, stone, tile and other final coverings. It is also used to repair cracks and concrete surfaces. 

We offer two options: a concrete and an epoxy compound levelling. Both can be used in commercial or residential projects and each option offers their own benefits.

 Benefits of leveling epoxy flooring

Leveling epoxy flooring is ideal for situations where the flooring will be required to have a high level of aesthetic appeal as well as abrasion resistance and durability. Epoxy flooring is extremely durable that offers a number of benefits. These benefits make it ideal for everything from commercial and industrial applications to residential applications. The following are soem of the main benefits of choosing an epoxy compound leveling:


  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Chemical and Heat resistance
  • Slip resistant, even when wet
  • High gloss, appealing finish
  • Easy to clean smooth, seamless finish
  • Attractive, bright colour options
  • Variable thickness for versatile application