Tuesday, December 01, 2020


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Flooring Services

Commercial flooring maintenance and repairs. Tiles installation for both commercial & residential facility Ceramic tile and Stone demolition Recycling of wall and floor finishes

Selection from Eight different Colors.



Before we begin installing ceramic tile on floors or walls, we make sure the surface is up to the job requirements by offering trained and equipped employees to deliver a professional installation.

FLOORS : Marking layout lines on floors, setting, squaring, levelling and cutting the tiles, grouting, caulking and sealing by detail oriented crew can really change the look of any rom.

CUSTOM SHOWERS : With materials such as glass, natural stones, ceramic and all the lighting and plumbing features available to you, you have virtualy endless design possibilities. Our experience with swimming pools makes us experts in building solid and water proof showers that will last for decades free of repairs, leaks and nasty mold.

SWIMMING POOLS : Mosaic ceramic tile is one of the best options for covering the surfaces of swimming pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours giving you multiple designs and colour palettes to choose from. We have years of experiences in setting, repairing and maintaining tiles and grout lines that are found under water or in close proximity to it.

EPOXY GROUT : Epoxy grout brings with itmany advantages over standard grouts. Epoxy grout can hold up to and withstand acids found in many foods and strong cleaners and will not let bacteria penetrate them as standard grout will. Epoxy grout's ability to be stain resistant makes it a prime product for any kitchen application and is often required in industrial kitchens. Once in place, Epoxy is a non porous, waterproof solid that is highly resistant to mold and mildew. These traits make it by far the best choice for shower applications, creating a virtually maintenance-free shower or tub surround.

There are many advantages of using epoxy grout including its durability, cleaniless, resistance to fading colour and decreased maintenance. We can also assure you that all the benefits of epoxy grout can outweigh the added expense.